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What’s Branding and Why it’s Important for Your Commercial Real Estate Business

You’ve probably heard the term “branding” more times than you can count, and you might have a vague awareness that it’s important. But what exactly is branding, and how does it relate to your commercial real estate business?

Let’s take a brief overview. In simple terms, branding is anything that makes an organization or individual easy to identify — just like how you see a red soda can and (probably) think about Coca Cola straightaway.

You might be thinking that this may not relate to commercial real estate, but branding can be more than just a color, a logo, or a slogan. It’s also about the reputation of your company.

Most firms want people to associate their business with positive attributes like reliability, great customer service, or excellent quality. Establishing a strong brand ensures that, when people hear about your business, they immediately think about these aspects.

The best way to achieve this is by developing a brand system that communicates your story through promotional materials, advertising, graphic design, and even word of mouth.

Why branding matters

Even after getting their head around what branding is, a lot of people still need some convincing to believe branding is important — it can sound very vague and wishy-washy.

The truth is, branding is crucial. The world is full of companies offering practically the same thing for the same price, so one of the few ways to stand out is by having the right image.

Gain recognition

You’ve probably noticed that just about every company under the sun has not just a logo but also a comprehensive color scheme. This is all about making your business instantly recognizable and infinitely more memorable.

Imagine if every Target store you went to featured different-colored signs and furniture.

That’s why a visual design system is essential — use it across physical promotional materials, digital marketing campaigns, and even your email signature.

Increase business value

Recognition is great, but it’s useless to you if it doesn’t improve the bottom line. Thankfully, branding also helps with this!

As a brand becomes more prominent and recognized within its industry, investors will take notice, leading to highly profitable opportunities.

Bring in new business

Even if a client got enough value from your service to want to refer you, they’re not going to bother if they’ve already forgotten the company’s name and everything about it.

Businesses with a strong brand image are far more likely to generate new business through referrals. And everyone knows what that means!

Boost employee pride

Even if two jobs offer exactly the same pay and benefits, most people would prefer to work for a company with a great reputation and brand image. The greater their job satisfaction and the more pride they take in their work, the harder they’re likely to work.

Foster credibility

A great brand just oozes credibility and professionalism, putting your business head and shoulders above the competition.

Given the choice between a highly branded, professional-seeming company and a run-of-the-mill, generic firm, almost everyone will opt for the first option. Make sure that’s you!

Support advertising

Advertising without a good brand is almost useless — the most effective campaigns rely on a memorable, professional strategy.

If you want your business to seem like an industry expert that knows what it’s talking about, working on your image before rushing to launch your advertising campaign is sure to result in far greater returns.

Final words

As you can see, there’s really no excuse not to get on board with branding. If you care about keeping your existing customers happy and attracting new clients, this is a step you can’t afford to miss.

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