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Three Common Branding Mistakes That Can Cripple Growth

Entrepreneurship has always been a highly competitive sport, but the digital economy has leveled the playing field. The days of titan-sized billion dollar companies stealing all the customers from small fast growing startups are long gone. Without a doubt, strategic high quality branding is the only thing separating winners from losers in this new global marketing arena.

Great branding is no longer a low-ranking task on a company’s to-do-list, but undoubtedly the most important aspect of starting and scaling a business.

To guarantee the success of your business, make sure to avoid these three expensive marketing mistakes.

Mistake #1: A Bad Company Name

An inferior good for nothing name affects the success of your business in so many undesirable ways. The quality of your name directly impacts your entire brand reputation, customer retention rate, and even your presence on social media.

Worst of all, a horrible company name can instantly tank your startup sales during a time when you likely need consistent cash-flow the most. Still a skeptic? Maybe the following insider story about a well-known naming situation gone wrong will change your mind.

Did you know that Google was originally called “BackRub”? That was a  nod to the search engine’s ability to quickly scan and interpret backlink data inside millions of websites.

After slow and unimpressive sales, they trademarked “Google” in late 1997, and sales quickly skyrocketed afterwards.

Since Google’s strange (some even say creepy) initial name resulted in less sales for Google, consider how even a mediocre name could cause serious damage to the reputation of your business.

Here’s  four simple suggestions to help you choose a solid name: 

  • Short
  • Simple
  • Easy to Remember
  • Easy to Pronounce

If you’re still struggling to brainstorm great ideas, don’t worry. Our talented team of verbal brand strategists at Workshop would love to create the ideal brand name for your business.

So don’t settle. A great name significantly increases the chances of lasting business success.

Mistake #2: Low Quality Web Design

First impressions matter, and in our technologically advanced society your website design will make or break your entire business. Believe me, if you think you only have a short moment to make an impression in person, online it’s just a fraction of that.

Winging your website is not an option because potential customers expect fast loading times, visually appealing graphics, and a perfect user experience… at minimum. So realistically you have from two to ten seconds to deliver on all three of those promises or else you risk losing opportunities.

Here’s some shocking 2020 statistics that reveal why eye catching site designs are so important:

  • 94% of first impressions are directly related to your site’s design
  • 75% of website credibility comes from design quality
  • 89% of customers will shop with a competitor after a poor user experience on your website

The quality of your website is a crucial factor that cannot be overlooked if you plan on running a successful business capable of continually growing revenue in any economic climate.

Here at the Workshop, we are web design experts who specialize in creating innovative easy to navigate websites that generate serious ‘wow’ effect.

Our design and development teams specializing in expressing the unique of a brand so you can stand out in a crowded and competitive digital environment, and most importantly, make the impression that leads to opportunity.

As a HubSpot certified agency partner, we can transform your vision into a polished clean cut website in no time.

Mistake #3: Not Investing In Branding Early Enough

A common regret shared by nearly all entrepreneurs of not investing in branding early enough.

You can’t change the past, but you can make smarter business decisions starting today. Take a look at these two powerful quotes spoken by one of the most successful start-up entrepreneurs of our time:

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.
A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well


Since a man worth 200 billion dollars believes in branding, it would be wise for the rest of us to follow in his footsteps. The two bite sized pieces of wisdom above are essentially expressing the same truth that branding is extremely important.

A Guaranteed Way To Get Superior Quality Branding

Great branding clearly communicates the value of your business in a way that gets customers excited, amped up, and ready to support your brand for years to come.

It encompasses your brand story, your mission, what you stand for, and most importantly answers the following big picture question:

Why does your business exist?

Customers support businesses that they believe in, and it’s early impossible to secure the loyalty of a customer for life when you don’t invest in branding.

Thankfully for you, you are just a click away from connecting with an award winning HubSpot certified branding agency with over a decade of experience building and growing brands.

We practice what we preach and offer our clients premium high quality branding services that immediately distinguish you from your inexperienced competitors not thinking about branding.

Keep in mind, branding is not an expense, but an investment that offers a ridiculously high ROI down the line when done by a skilled  agency (like us).

Regardless of the size of your company, if you’re focused on growth and want an edge with your branding, we can help elevate your business to the next level.

Trust your intuition and INVEST in your business right now at this very moment by letting us perfectly execute a flawless branding strategy for your business.

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