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Proper Cloth



Branding, Illustration, Brand Architecture, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Retail


Proper Cloth is a pioneer and leader in quality custom-fit, made-to-order shirts, pants, jackets, and suits based in Soho, New York. The challenge of the project was to refresh the brand and the customer experience by adding a series of symbols that represent the company's Ethos in addition to a new design system, corporate typography and materials/finishes.

For the symbology of the ethos, we opted for a mixture of animal representation mixed with an object or element that represented each ethos based on historic references:

Owl + Key for Wisdom
Bee + Planet for Justice
Lion + Arrow for Courage
Bull + Water for Temperance

We created a unique style of illustration with geometric shapes using 45-degree angles that facilitate the embroidery on the garments.

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