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What’s a Growth Readiness Plan and Why You Need It

March 21, 2019


We speak to a lot of business owners who know exactly what they want to build, but they need help getting there. An updated logo, an optimized e-commerce website, an Instagram campaign… that’s where a typical marketing agency can help. Unfortunately, many agencies focus only on a small part of a larger story – dealing in marketing tactics, not the entire growth strategy. They just don’t focus on your bottom line. Workshop is set to change that.

If you want to grow your business, you need a growth agency. We’re all about working with clients every step of the way to transform their businesses into successful brands in the digital age.

But how do we get there? The first step is always a Growth Readiness Plan.

What is a Growth Readiness Plan?

A Growth Readiness Plan (GRP) is an original Workshop process, strategy and roadmap designed to help you achieve your business growth goals. The GRP identifies your business’ strengths, weaknesses and opportunities while establishing a go-to-market strategy for determining the tactical priorities for the four pillars of growth: systems, branding, marketing and sales.

So, why do you need a GRP?

If you don’t know where you are going, or how you are going to get there, then you’ll most likely end up nowhere.

If every part of your organization is not aligned before diving into various tactics, your time, resources and investments will go to waste. That’s why we can’t stress enough that businesses must lead with a strategic plan. Strategy defines the desired goals and why and how you should go about achieving them.

The GRP achieves three important directives:

  • Intelligent and Efficient Discovery: It allows us to thoroughly discover your current state of affairs in the quickest and most efficient way possible. This gets our team on the same page as yours right away.
  • Strategy:  A clear and effective strategy is paramount when you have precious resources. Unfortunately, it’s what most businesses lack. Our experience will bring strategic focus to your business to hone in on the things that really matter.
  • Plan: Your GRP is a valuable standalone product that will help guide your business growth. Think of it as your game plan. We’ll work out your goals, develop a roadmap of priorities and an action plan. We’ll also clearly define measurements to score progress along the way

What’s included in the GRP?

We provide an in-depth, expert review, game plan, recommendations and ideation with data-driven rationale to support decision making for the four pillars of growth of your business: systems, branding, marketing and sales.

The GRP serves as an actionable blueprint for your company.
  • Evaluating and Setting Your Goals
  • Developing the Business Model Canvas
  • Market Research
    – Market Sizing
    – Consumer Insights
    – Trend Analysis
    – SWOT Analysis
    – PESTLE Analysis
  • Competitive Brand Spotlight
    – Perceptual Mapping
    – Competitive Analysis
  • Four Pillars Evaluation, Strategy and Game PlanSystems
    – Branding
    – Marketing
    – Sales
    – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    – Budgeting and Financials
    – Roll-Out Plan
    – Innovation and Thought Starters

Put your money where your mouth is

We don’t stop at strategy and planning – we put them into action. The GRP is then followed by our Growth Management Plan (GMP), where we focus on prioritizing each systems, branding, marketing and sales recommendation in several phases. Breaking them out into a phased approach based on priority level is designed to help determine the most effective and cost-efficient ways forward.

Now let’s get growing!

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